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For Pool and Spa Service and Repair in Oklahoma City, we invite you to choose A-Pro Services, Your Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub service company in OKC.  We have trained, professional pool and spa service technicians on staff to handle all your Pool and Spa service needs. 
A-Pro Services, Your pool and spa service company, offers Pool Repair Spa Repair Pool Service Spa Service Pool heaters, Pool liners, inground liners, in ground liners above ground liners, safety covers, spa parts, spa motors, spa controls spa diagnostics, pool equipment, pool pumps, spa pumps, pool motors, heaters, In the Oklahoma City Area, including Bethany, Edmond, El Reno, Mustang, Moore, Yukon, Warr Acres, and Metro OKC.    zip codes include:  73003, 73008, 73013,73034, 73083, 73036, 73059, 73064, 73090,73099, 73064, 73101, 73102, 73103, 73104, 73105, 73106, 73107, 73108, 73109, 73110, 73111. 73112, 73113, 73114, 73115, 73116, 73117, 73118, 73119, 73120, 73121, 73122, 73123, 73124, 73125, 73126, 73127, 73128, 73129, 73130, 73131, 73132, 73134, 73135, 73136, 73137, 73139, 73140, 73141, 73142, 73143, 73144, 73145, 73146, 73147, 73148, 73149, 73150, 73151, 73152, 73153, 73154, 73155, 73156, 73157, 73159, 73160, 73162, 73163, 73164, 73165, 73167, 73169, 73170, 73172, 73173, 73178, 73179, 73184, 73185, 73189, 73190, 73194, 73195, 73196, 73197, 73198,


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   A-Pro Services, Your Pool and Spa Service Company, repairs swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs in the Oklahoma City area, including OKC Edmond Yukon Mustang Moore

   Our specialties include  replacement and installation of  inground vinyl liners and pool safety covers, as well as plumbing and other equipment repairs.

This page about plumbing repair on  Pool Repair OKC .com   is presented from the repairman's point of view,  just the basics of  swimming pool plumbing repair.    We hope you enjoy this site, and find it useful!

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The Basics of Swimming Pool Plumbing Repair

   Swimming pool plumbing includes fittings, such as main drains and skimmers, as well as pipes, (or hoses) valves,  and return fittings.  Unlike HVAC terminology, the water going back to the pool is called the return, and the water coming from the pool through skimmers, main drains, and other fittings, is called  the suction side.  Swimming pool plumbing repairs are usually pretty straight forward, but complications can arise when the builder or subsequent repairmen have failed to leave enough room to glue new fittings in the PVC.  Another notable complication is when there is a leak underground.  There are companies who's entire business is leak detection, to pinpoint exactly where the leak is. There are some special tools and fittings used in the pool industry, but much of it is just simple plumbing. 

   Obviously, the first thing you need to know about repairing pool plumbing is how your pool actually works. So, even though it may seem like overkill to some, I'll go over it for the new pool owners who may not have a clue.

   In order to keep pool water safe for swimmers, it needs two basic things.  Filtration, and chemical balance.  Chemicals are discussed elsewhere, so let's talk about filtration.

   Water is moved from the pool, by the pump, through skimmers, main drains, and other suction fittings.  These fittings and the plumbing all the way through the middle of the pump is called the suction side.  An impeller in the pump pushes the water out of the top of the pump, through a pipe, into the filter control valve.  This is known as the pressure side of the pump.  The filter control valve (details elsewhere) routes the water through a filter, and determines where it goes when it leaves the filter.  After the water leaves the filter, it may go directly back to the pool, or it may go through other components, such as a heater, chemical feeder, or salt system. All chemical treatments are made after the heater, to protect the heater from corrosion.  If there is a secondary booster pump for an automatic cleaner, the water is taken from between the filter and the heater.

   After the water has been treated, it returns to the pool through pipes connected to return fittings, which are restricted and aimed to give the pool the desired circulation pattern.  In the swimming pool industry, this is known as the return side.  Some pools have fountains, waterfalls, deck jets, and other features on the return side, and there is usually a simple diverter valve(s) that determines how much water goes to which feature.  Similarly, there are often valves for the suction side at the front of the pump, which determine how much water comes from each skimmer, main drain, or other vacuum port.  All the valves, fittings, and orifices are adjusted to give the pool optimum circulation and vertical turnover.

   As a matter of practicality, larger debris, like leaves, small sticks, bugs and such are filtered out without ever going through the pump.  All suction fittings have screens.  The main drain cover acts as a screen, as do the skimmer baskets.  The skimmer baskets need to be checked regularly, and kept clean.  There is also a basket in the front of the pump, as a last measure to prevent large debris from damaging the pump.  This basket, too, should be kept in good order.

   There is a lot more coming, like how to glue PVC and how not to remove a fitting, but, hopefully, this gives the beginner at least an understanding of what pool plumbing what pool plumbing does.