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Crazy Chester Sez:

Evidently, the factory made a big mistake on this liner.  

                    It is real short, and way too wide....

Plus, they put the deep part

        on the side of the darned thing instead of the end!

Crazy Chester PoolRepairOKC
   Crazy Chester Sez: 

You appear to have

inadvertently clicked me!


Well, I'm sure it won't happen again!
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 Crazy Chester's Tip

If your in-ground liner floats after a big rain, you can possibly get it to go perfectly back in place with a transfer pump, if you act fast.  If you can tell which direction the water came from, put the transfer pump in that area. As the ground water recedes,  or is pumped out using the transfer pump, it will likely go back right to where it was.  You can get a transfer pump at most hardware stores.  You don't need the biggest one, sometimes you are better off with the cheaper one.  Use a leader hose for your intake, and cut the male end off so it won't cut the liner.  Put the end of the hose at the bottom of the wall, behind the liner, and when it no longer will pump any water, take it out.  Watch the liner as it goes back into place, and nudge out any wrinkles as you go.


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